Medium Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter

CCM series use coconut shell carbon of high iodine value as its material. Micropores have a certain effect on adsorbing organic pollutant and decolorizing purification.


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CCM Medium Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter

CCM series use coconut shell carbon of high iodine value as its material. Micropores have a certain effect on adsorbing organic pollutant and decolorizing purification.

The cost of CCM series is lower than other carbon series, is a kind of cost-effective medium efficiency carbon cartridge.

●Product Material:

◎Material:Coconut shell activated carbon

◎Iodine Value:≥1000mg/g

◎Carbon Volume Content:395cm³/10"/piece

◎Specific Surface Area:≥1200m²/g  


◎End Cap OD:Ø66mm PP(Black)       

◎Outside Cloth:PP (White)


◎Inside Cloth:PP filter cloth


◎Micron Rating:1-5µ 


◎Maximum Operating Differential Pressure:≤0.45MPa  

●Product Type: 

Basic Type CCM-B: ≤60℃

High Temperature Type CCM-H: ≤83℃                                                            

●Product Features:

◎Long time decolorizing purification and adsorption capacity.

◎Continuous effective medium adsorption speed, replacing frequency could be extended.

◎The capacity of improving transmittance and lowering TOC is a little lower than high-efficiency carbon filter cartridges, but much higher than primary ones.

◎ Non-polluting materials,no metal ion contains.

◎Cloth wrapped inside and outside,with supporting core, to make sure 100% no carbon powder leaking.

◎Effectively remove residual chlorine and odor. 

●Product Applications:

Liquid filtration and purification like PCB, plating, water treatment, water purifier, etc.

●Product Order: 

CCM + Length +(B or H)


CCS Semi-high Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter

●Product Features:

◎Good adsorption effect  for organic pollutants. The effect of lowering TOC meets medium standard.

◎Fast adsorption speed.

◎Improving transmittance of solvents, meet high standard.

◎Non-polluting materials, no harmful matters like chloride ion, sulfide, etc.

◎No carbon powder leaking.

◎Good filtration effect.



◎Material:Activated carbon fibers

◎Carbon Volume Content:395/10"/piece

◎Specific Surface Area:≥1300m²/g

◎Iodine Value:≥1100mg/g


◎End Cap:PP

◎Length:250、508、762 mm

◎OD:62mm, End Cap OD: 66mm


◎Micron Rating:5-10μ

◎Maximum Operating Temperature: ≤82℃

◎Maximum Operating Differential Pressure:≤0.30Mpa

◎Volume:>20L/min@20℃ water/10″

●Product Type:

10": CCS-10          20": CCS-20          30": CCS-30

●Product Applications:

Suitable for liquid purification in precision PCB plating, general metal finishing, plastic plating, chemical solvents, water, etc.

Such as semiconductor, PCB, microelectronic, photoelectron, LCD, water purification, etc.

●Product Order:CCS + Length + others  

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